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Friday, November 28, 2014

A hectic morning in the Bay


It's been a wretched rego morning to keep the little FORD Focus on the road for another year. After my strange encounter with South Coast Ford, I'd booked in with James Brown Automotive who did the inspection in half the time and at half the price.

As I queued up at the new Motor Registry, all chrome and computers and digital display except for the PLEASE TAKE A TICKET sign which, like a real Red Green job, is held up by duct tape, I noticed the laundromat across the street advertised for sale.

Driving home to Riverbend's unmatched peace and quiet, I wondered if those unmatched socks were included in the sale.

P.S. Here is Red Green 'Swissing it up' for our regular reader in that mountainous region whose main industrial activity is the production of cuckoo clocks, chocolate bars, dodgy bank accounts and neutrality which is their fool-proof tactic to avoid being defeated: click here.