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Friday, November 7, 2014

Benny's Store is Benny's no more

Chupa Chups, DUREX, and Panadol all on display alongside each other - isn't that stretching it a bit? (pardon the pun)


Benny has sold his store! We shall all miss his innovative merchandising of placing DUREX right after Chuppa Chups and before Panadol. At least he's got the chronology right!

And he shall no doubt be pleased to never have his magnanimity tested again by customers quoting "Blue fish blowing bubbles" which, according to his website, entitled them to a free Coke.

Quote the phrase;
"Blue fish blowing bubbles", when you place any takeaway order over $4, to receive a free can of Coke!

I tried it once and was nearly handed over to the authorities for verbal shoplifting ☺