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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sang Pemimpi


It must be getting closer to the 12th because Padma phoned to say she's shopped for some things to bring home. Luckily (for the bank account), she no longer travels with check-in baggage so whatever she buys will of necessity be small and light.

She bought a copy of Sang Pemimpi, a sequel to Laskar Pelangi which I very much enjoyed. It was filmed on the little-known Indonesian island of Billiton where BHP's partner Billiton had its origin in 1851 (you always learn something when you read this blog, don't you? ☺)

Several other DVDs she bought are ‘Soegija‘, ‘Soekarno‘, ‘Habibie & Ainun‘, ‘Jokowi‘, ‘Rumah Tanpa Jendela‘, ‘5 cm‘, and ‘Garasi‘ as well as some Western ones such as ‘And So It Goes‘, ‘The Love Punch‘, ‘Begin Again‘, ‘Heaven is for Real‘, ‘A Merry Friggin‘ Christmas‘ (Robin Williams last film ?), ‘NOAH‘, ‘The Giver‘, ‘Left Behind‘, ‘Third Person', and 'Bad Neighbours'.

Why she bought the last one I have no idea as we already have them but at 7000 rupiah (70 cents) they're as cheap as the ones we've got.