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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tomorrow is the first day of summer and the last month of the year


If somebody knows where this year has gone, please tell me because it went so fast that somehow I seem to have missed it.

Something else that went too fast is the washing machine which has gone to washing-machine heaven which leaves me with three choices: to wear the same smelly underwear and shirts again and again, or to buy new underwear and shirts gain and again, or to buy a new washing machine again.

Another decision I need to make concerns the benchtops in the yet-to-be-finished kitchen: do I order some ho-hum laminated factory-made stuff or do I commission a local woodsman to make me something out of the beautiful hardwood from the surrounding State Forest?

I let you know about the washing machine and the benchtops as soon as I've finished my cost-benefit analysis.

P.S. The junk mail man has just stuffed my mail box with a whole tree's worth of wastepaper, advertising everything I've never needed, including a pair of sunglasses with inbuilt bottle opener. I could barely resist the urge to rush out and buy one.