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Monday, November 17, 2014

The joys of ebay.com


The two tailgate boot struts on my little FORD Focus Hatchback have run out of gas. They can't be pumped up but must be replaced, so I phoned my friendly car dealer, South Coast Ford, for a price.

"That'll be $88.95, Sir!"

"For the pair?"

"No, Sir, EACH!"

"But that includes installation, right?"

"No, Sir, that's extra. All up it would cost you $257.10"

"Okay, thanks, I call you back."

Well, actually, I didn't. But I did look up www.ebay.com and found that I can buy a PAIR of Tailgate Boot Struts Gas Springs for a 2006 FORD FOCUS HATCHBACK for $19.99, REPEAT $19.99, from Hongkong, postage included.

Sometimes I get the feeling that somebody is having a huge lend of us. I mean, even if I couldn't instal them myself (it's just a couple of simple screws on either side) and I had to hire a brain surgeon to do it, I'm sure I'd still get change out of $257.10.

Thank you, www.ebay.com, and no, thank you, South Coast Ford!

P.S. I did email South Coast Ford,

"Some time ago I bought a FORD FOCUS Hatchback from you. The tailgate boot struts have gone flat and I phoned your service department for a price. I was given a price of over $80, not for a pair, but for ONE, or well over $200 for a pair installed. I quickly checked with ebay.com and found I can buy a PAIR for $19.99 from Hongkong, postage included! Presumably, yours are also made in China which leaves me wondering if this should be considered gouging.
Sincerely (no longer) yours
Peter Goerman"

I am still waiting for their reply ☺