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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Are you a Ten-Pound Pom?

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Whether you are a Ten-Pound Pom or, like me, a more expensive (more valuable? ☺) Fifty-Pound "Wog", all your records, original application, medical records, interview papers, letters to the Department of Immigration, even the envelopes you posted them in, are stored in the vaults of the National Archives in Canberra.

You can get copies of your own documents. Let me show you how:

Go to www.naa.gov.au. There you click on "Search the collection", then on "RecordSearch", and type in as keywords your name (no, not "Ten-Pound Pom" but your real name!)

Found your name? Good! Click on the hyper-linked "Control Symbol" to arrive at your individual listing. Once there, click on "Request copy" and follow the instructions.

I've forgotten now what I paid for it but it wasn't more than $25. A few weeks later, I held in my hands copies of every document, from the time I first applied to emigrate to the moment I became naturalised, a "time capsule" of the best decision I've ever made - click here.