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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Freedom from Clutter


I read this book many years ago in an half-hearted attempt to get on top of all my accumulated - well, let's be polite and call it 'stuff'. I could never quite get myself psyched up and indeed the book itself became part of my clutter.

However, the time has come to get serious and I have embarked on a room-to-room declutter. Large black garbage bag in one hand, I have been tossing into it things that I'd kept merely because I'd bought them for lots of money and considered them too precious to discard, things which I'd thought might come in handy one day, and things I'd even forgotten I had and had never used. So far I've filled two garbage bags which I'll take down to Vinnies and another one that'll go straight into the rubbish bin - and I haven't even got started yet!

It's such a liberating feeling! It reminds me of the time when I was still on contract work overseas and moved on every six months or so, and when my possessions were limited to what I could fit into one suitcase. Even if I was staying longer than six months, I'd still do some 'trial-packing' to ensure everything still fitted into one suitcase. Anything that didn't I gave away to my domestic or office staff or room attendants in the hotel. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Long gone are the days when everything I owned fitted into one suitcase. These days I'd be happy enough if I can fit everything into one shipping container - and a 40ft-one at that! The madness of it all!

Three cheers to freedom from clutter!