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Thursday, December 8, 2016

My reclining years


The phrase 'sleeping around' takes on a whole new meaning at "Riverbend" where I can choose the trundle on the verandah, the well-worn sofa or day bed in the "Clubhouse", or the bed in the cottage which is a guest cottage no more.

Of course, wherever I go, my little shadow Rover follows me, and as soon as I've put down my head, he pushes his little bum against mine, sighs contentedly, and dreams whatever dogs dream.

It is difficult to imagine a place more conducive to retirement than "Riverbend" where I have all my books, all my movies, and all my music, where I can always find a shady spot on one of the many benches - twenty-six at last count! - as the sun rises above the lagoon and sinks behind the quietly flowing river, and where I am far away from any neighbours who may wish to impose their ill will on me.

Journey's End indeed!