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Saturday, December 17, 2016

I'm going nowhere


Woke up to a brilliantly blue sky and a brilliantly blue river. In the Bay the silly season has started as have the school holidays which means lots of people which means I won't put a foot outside my gate.

As I sit on the verandah and watch the boating world go by, I have lots of time to reflect on how I've got here. It's been a long and tortuous journey which keeps replaying itself inside my head.

"Kopfkino", a very dear friend in the (c)old country calls it. What an evocative word: "Kopfkino" - a movie that keeps playing inside your head, over and over again. No admission, no intermission, just the occasional regret.

"No regrets", they say. How stupid! We all have been stupid and done stupid things but we'd be even more stupid if we didn't regret them. I mean, why be happy when we can be normal?

So turn up the volume and listen to your own "Kopfkino" while I get myself another drink and a 'Schmacko' for little Rover.