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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Lang, lang ist's her

If you don't know the lyrics, clicking your heels in time with the music will suffice


Of course, you remember "Long, long ago", don't you? And, yes, it was written by an English composer in 1833 but doesn't it sound better with German lyrics? But then again, I'm German and totally unbiased and totally tone-deaf ☺

Anyway, this blog is all about my memories - German memories - so put up with my German lyrics or shut up! Lang, lang ist's her!  ☺

And this particular blog is not even for you. Instead, it's for a very dear friend in Germany. I don't want to mention names but she used to live at Schillstraße 16  ☺

Tja, lang, lang ist's her! Frohes Neues Jahr Dir und Deiner Familie!