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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Everyone knows Garfield but have you heard of Simon Garfield?


Looking for that perfect Christmas present for myself, I found "Dog's Best Friend - A Brief History of an Unbreakable Bond" and its author Simon Garfield, who's written an appealingly diverse and unpredictable canon of non-fiction books.

Non-fiction books are my favourites, and the more esoteric the better, so have a look at these titles by Simon Garfield:

- Money for Nothing (read online here)
- The End of Innocence
- The Nation's Favourite (read online here)
- Mauve (read online here)
- The Last Journey of William Huskisson (read online here)
- Our Hidden Lives (read online here)
- We are at War (read online here)
- Private Battles (read online here)
- The Error World (read online here)
- The Wrestling
- Exposure
- Mini
- Just My Type (read online here)
- On the Map (read online here)
- To the Letter (read online here)
- Timekeepers
- In Miniature

I'm now facing a dilemma: do I order just "Dog's Best Friend" or save on postage and order all the others as well? Maybe Simon Garfield's brother could give me a call and advise me what to do? How about it, Des?

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