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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

You're witnessing two mathematicians on a date

Matt Parker and Hannah Fry
What beautiful hair! Such a lovely colour (and hers is nice, too)


Being a nerd who enjoys being a nerd, I enjoyed watching a couple of nerds enjoying being nerds more than playing the board-game MONOPOLY itself (not a high bar, admittedly!)

How did I find this clip? (and several others) Through reading "Humble Pi", the book-length answer to anyone who ever put their hand up in math class to ask, "When am I ever going to use this in the real world?"


The byline explains it all: it's a comedy of maths errors, funny and entertaining. Honestly, I haven't had so fun since I mothballed my old "ARISTO Scholar Nr. 0903" sliderule (Made in Germany, of course).

I'm now looking for Hannah Fry's "The Indisputable Existence of Santa Claus: The Mathematics of Christmas". I hope to find it before then.

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