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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

My not-so-smart phone


Life as a self-funded retiree is tough! No easy-come easy-go government money to support me in a lifestyle I've never become accustomed to; so, instead of buying a new one, I made some quick repairs to my well-worn smartphone cover.

Which is about all there is to report on these last few days of what has been a rather strange, if not to say horrible, year. So, until 2020 turns 21 and starts drinking, this is it for the year from all of us at Riverbend!


Here is a clue, Des


A Happy New Year to you and yours from the resident possum (which right now lives under our very roof!), the two wild-duck families with six and nine chicks respectively, the colourful flock of king parrots and lorrikeets, the legions of waterhens and waterdragons by and on the pond, and the half-dozen kookaburras who kept our morale up all year long by laughing their heads off, come rain or shine or floods or fires.


Postscript: 'under our very roof' was getting a bit too noisy, so I caught it, fed it a big mango, and released it again farther down the property.