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Friday, December 4, 2020

You have to die somewhere; it may as well be Paradise!


Another house inspection is behind us! Phew! I get pretty sick of strangers tramping through my house and wasting my time! Luckily, they were fairly prompt with their emailed reply:

"We're intrigued with Riverbend, but being kneep-deep in packing after forty-three years on our own property, we honestly have no time to think about it properly until we have moved out."

I take that to be a 'no' but I'm also 'intrigued': weren't they already knee-deep in packing when they came here? They also have a house in France which, because of COVID, they haven't been able to visit all this year.

Not that it stopped them from telling us all about it. We showed them our lounge-room and they told us about their lounge-room in France. We showed them our bedrooms and they told us about their bedrooms in France. We showed them our bathroom and they told us about their bathroom in France (the toilet passed without a comment but I guess toilets are the same the world over - unless you've been to India!)

This will be my twenty-seventh Christmas at "Riverbend" and I'm probably as settled as I've ever been anywhere. In the past, when the old 'wanderlust' took hold, I used to console myself with Riverbend's motto "You have to live somewhere; it may as well be Paradise!"

Considering my three-scores-and-ten-PLUS-FIVE, it may be time to change it to "You have to die somewhere; it may as well be Paradise!"

Googlemap Riverbend


P.S. Two weeks later, another email: "We have almost completed the move, what a mammoth task! We hope you have a lovely Christmas. We will be spending it unpacking and catching up on sleep! But after that we would like to come back and have another look at Riverbend, so I’ll be in touch next week to check on your availability." Should I reply?