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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Stephen King predicted him forty years ago


The man is a clown. He goes charging around the speaking platform, like that at every rally [...] He's a clown, so what? [...] So people want a giggle or two. Even more, they want to thumb their noses at a political establishment that doesn't seem able to solve anything."

A hauntingly accurate portrayal of how a huge section of the American public would one day react to Trump

It would be easy to mistake that as an old quote about Donald Trump. Maybe a comment from a political analyst in the early stages of his campaign. Maybe a line from an interview with a member of the public discussing the ever-increasing popularity of his 2015 rallies.

It's not, though. Despite the similarities, that's actually a line spoken by a character in the 1979 Stephen King novel "The Dead Zone". The man being referred to is the fictitious Greg Stillson: a ruthless salesman-turned-politician whose eccentric stunts and anti-establishment rhetoric helps him amass a huge public following. Basically, a man who goes from businessman (and real-estate broker) to politician and takes Washington completely by surprise.

Back in the summer of 2015 Trump's media image wasn't all that different to Stillson's

This was Trump's tactic. Instead of "THROW THE BUMS OUT" it was "DRAIN THE SWAMP"


The story is about a man who gains precognitive powers after coming out of a four-year coma. He wakes up and finds he can predict the future. Ironically, the novel itself seems to have a similar power. Greg Stillson's rise to popularity — from an outsider who's treated as something of a joke to a genuine political threat — is almost prescient in its evocation of Trump's rise. Stephen King himself tweeted about the similarity last year, and many of his fans have been saying it for a while.

"The Dead Zone" is a long way from an exact foreshadowing. The comparisons only go so far. But for a story published way back in 1979 — a full 36 years before Trump stood on a podium in front of four U.S. flags to announce his candidacy — it's chilling in its accuracy.

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