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Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Chinese trade war with Australia

One large Australian retail after all China-made items had been removed.


Barley, beef, coal, cotton, wine - the inscrutable Chinese stopped buying Australian; well, almost, as they're still depending on our iron ore in order to build bigger ships to make shipping it all the way from Brazil more economical.

What can we do? Not much other than not to trust them in future (I never did!) Yes, we did complain to the World Trade Organization but the Chinese only adhere to the WTO-rules when it benefits them.

In a bit to support Australia in the escalating trade war with China, several large retailers have committed themselves to remove all China-made items from their stores. They started by removing any clothing made in China, then homewares, sheets and towels, electrical appliances, toys, underwear, maternity wear, belts, hats and sporting goods. Then they moved to Christmas decorations, books, nappies, pet items, handbags, footwear, stationery, swimwear and sleepwear. From there it was just a matter of removing the shelves, the light globes, the flooring, the shopping trolleys and the curtains on the change rooms.

You hardly notice the difference!

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