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Saturday, December 12, 2020

I spend my Friday nights with Vera


Vera, of course, is a British crime drama series based on the Vera Stanhope series of novels written by crime writer Ann Cleeves. It was first broadcast in 2011, and so far, ten series have aired, with the latest debuting in January 2020.

The series stars Brenda Blethyn as the principal character, Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope. Vera is a nearly retired employee of the fictional 'Northumberland & City Police', who is obsessive about her work and driven by her own demons. She plods along in a constantly dishevelled state, but has a sharp mind and often proves her superior skills by picking up small errors in her co-workers' thought processes.

Vera screens on the ABC every Friday night, straight after all that propagating and fertilising in "Gardening Australia, so, if you want to follow me on my Friday night philandering over the past two months, simply click on any of the following YouTube links:

Blood Will Tell
Black Ice
The Escape Turn
Tuesday's Child
On Harbour Street
The Ghost Position
Little Lazarus
Hidden Depths

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