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Friday, December 4, 2020

No more carols by kerosene light


This wonderful year keeps on giving: bushfires, then near-floods, then COVID, and now destructive winds which caused part of our huge liquid amber tree to drop on our powerline and left us without power for several days and long nights.

Four months earlier, another storm had brought down the same power-line - see here - and southcoastlevel2.com.au reconnected it with such a huge industrial-sized hook to the fascia board that this time the powerline stayed up but the house came down - well, the fascia board, some structural beams, several roof tiles, guttering and downpipe.

There wasn't much left of the tree to cause further damage but I was so sick of it all, that I went underground (not me, but the powerline).

Goodbye, lawn!

And while I was at it, I also had the whole circuit-board replaced with a ready plug-in for the standby-generator I had bought after the fires.

Goodbye, power interruptions! Goodbye, power failures!

Now I've got to find a builder who'll fix the roof which needs scaffolding and more money! In my next life I simply rent (a room with a view in Hell!)

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