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Thursday, March 1, 2018

A very short flight of fancy up and down the Clyde

Click in the bottom right-hand corner of the video to fill the whole screen


No, I didn't hire a helicopter, not even a drone; I just pinched this clip from the NIRVANA Property Specialists' promotion of Cyne Mallows Farm, a beautiful 330-acre spread of land, albeit rather isolated and hard to get to.

I left out everything else bar the view of the beautiful River and pretty Nelligen nestled alongside it, but you can look at the whole kid and kaboodle during a replay. Who knows, you might be interested in total-ly withdrawing from the big bad world and living like a woodsman.

Maybe you buy it "for family & friends in a co-operative cost effective ownership seeking realistic self sufficiency". That's real estate talk.

As the ad continues, "The farm has been held by the current owner for 37 years and is now offered for genuine sale." More real estate talk; I have no idea what an ungenuine sale is.

I go now to "to seek some realistic self sufficiency" in the clubhouse by the pond. Call me when the Cross turns over.