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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Oils ain't oils


Remember him, John? He remembers you - as we all do - with fondness, and before our collective memories give way to dementia, I thought I'd better take this short video clip to remind you of those good ol' days long ago.

I've been meaning to take this clip for quite some time. What prompted me to do it today was this entry on River Cafe Nelligen's facebook page:

"Well it's time to hand over the reigns [sic]. Yes today is my last day here. I have sold the business and am moving on. Yes I am in mixed emotions and will really miss the place. But I am a glutton for punish-ment and am taking on a new venture. Pop in and meet the new owner Terry I am sure a lot of you already know him ..."

Of course, I already know him; I just couldn't imagine this old greased-up car mechanic swapping his engine oils for cooking oils. But there he was, happy and smiling as ever, with just the slightest concession to the food business he's in now (and perhaps after a bit of prompting from the Health Department): his long and no longer golden locks are gone!

Good luck with the business, Terry! Long may you reign! (no [sic] intended)