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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Unstrap yourself from the febrile insanity of the news


Let's all take a few moments to appreciate the time and effort this guy spent putting a strap on his dirt so it wouldn't fall off his trailer before we take a look at all the other dirt that's masquerading as news these days.

Why do we rather read about the Duchess of Cambridge’s baby and Dave Bowie’s new single than the latest civil wars in Africa? Why do we enjoy politicians being brought down? What is all this doing to our minds?

If we're constantly told that many of our fellow-citizens are crazed and violent, we'll be full of fear and distrust and never want to go outside again. If we're constantly being shown that money and status are all-important, we'll feel humiliated by own own small achievements. If it's constantly being implied that all politicians lie, we'll mock everything they say. And if we're constantly being told that the economy is all that matters, we'll find very little joy in our own life.

Let's all take a few moments to unstrap ourselves from the febrile insanity of the news and let it just all fall off the back of the trailer.