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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Looking for a tea-drinking and biscuit-loving family in Perth with a beautiful CAMAY complexion


During my time as senior auditor on the Bougainville Copper Project in the early 70s, I lived cheek by jowl with many hundreds of other men from all walks of life which later served me well to deal with the oddities of human nature.

All of us lived in construction camps which provided us with full board and lodging, right down to a weekly towel change and a new piece of CAMAY soap, whether we had used up the old one or not. Usually we hadn't and there was CAMAY soap all over the camps.

A certain surveyor would collect all the CAMAY soap he could get his hands on and also regularly empty the crib rooms of all their LIPTON tea-bags and ARNOTT'S Scotch Finger biscuits, all of which he would parcel up and send to his family in Perth.

If you know a LIPTON tea-drinking and ARNOTT'S Scotch Finger biscuit-loving family in Perth with a beautiful CAMAY complexion, please ask them to get in touch with me as I'd like to know what became of him.