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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Since you asked ...

No, this is not the opening scene from "The Invisible Man"


No, the nice couple - not to mention their daughter Emma and their dog Raffey - who dropped in on Saturday have not come back to us with an answer. Perhaps I should've given them my email address as it is easier to say 'no' by email.

They seemed quite impressed with the property, although not quite so impressed when they heard they couldn't immediately turn the asking price of two million dollars into seven million dollars by selling each of the seven blocks for a million dollars each. Why hadn't I thought of that?

The next day a local from the Bay phoned and wanted to know the same thing. He already had investment properties in the Bay and wanted to add to his 'portfolio'. He asked how future sea level rises would affect little up-in-the-hills Nelligen. "Not as much as the Bay", I replied, and added, "If you live to be a hundred and sea levels do rise, all Batemans Bay will become a wonderful new tourist attraction - Little Venice".

After all this, I think it's time I took off my salesman's shirt and relaxed.