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Monday, March 12, 2018

There's always another job waiting to get done

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They may make you think of your granny but she was onto a good thing with hydrangeas. Not only can they be grown just about anywhere in Australia, they also flower prolifi-cally in blue, pink, red or white. And they are particularly prolific bloomers at "Riverbend".

The one common mistake in growing hydrangeas is not pruning them and so I set about to almost totally de-hydrangea-nate the south wall of the library which left me with a whole wall full of English ivy which looks attractive but can be extremely problematic as it eventually smothers everything else and tunnels into every crack and crevice.

After hours of snipping and frequent wiping of a sweaty forehead, the job is almost done. Trouble is, there's always another job around the corner - literally, because the east side of the library needs de-ivy-ing and de-hydrangea-nating as well.

All that hard work has de-hydrated me and that cold bottle of beer can't come soon enough!