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Saturday, March 3, 2018

"Can you build on them?"


To which I replied, "Well, if my name was Malcolm Turnbull, I'd probably have a building permit this afternoon." However, with a name like Goerman and an accent that's like my name but with the 'o' removed, my chances are equally removed.

Which is what I told the nice Canberra couple who had come to Nelligen today. They'd looked at another house in the village, but after coming down to our little lane, finished up having eyes for "Riverbend" only.

What they were referring to were the seven building blocks that make up "Riverbend" and which, with a building permit each, would be worth at least a million dollars each. But because Council no longer issues building permits along this part of the river, they aren't worth a million dollars each and the whole of Riverbend can be had for just two million.

They were impressed by what they saw and said they would come back after they had considered various things. They didn't say if those various things included changing their name by deed poll.