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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Big Australia

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Last night's "Big Australia" on ABC TV's FOUR CORNERS painted a pretty scary and Malthusian picture of the sort of Australia we're headlessly and headlong hurtling towards to.

And don't expect the government to come up with solutions. After all, they have just three parliamentary years in which to vote themselves higher salaries and pensions while at the same time dealing with same-sex marriages and Barnaby and, at State level, circuses in the form of billion-dollar sports stadiums (or stadia, if you're more worried about grammar than how your kids are going to live in twenty years' time).

Will you, or won't you, take the hour to watch Dick Smith's videos? It's not "Howards End" but it could be the end of Australia as we know it.


P.S. A friend, whose penetrating views of the world I have come to rely on, just emailed me to say that the mistake Australia made was to bring in camels which in turn attracted those who are familiar with camels, and now they all want to live here. Will we ever get over this hump?