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Saturday, October 29, 2022

The River Café Nelligen

Left to right: Davida, Dieidree, Padma with Dieidree's dog Rastus


Saturday morning at the River Café across the river. Deepblue skies and not a rain cloud in sight! We made the most of it, sipping a chai latte - and a hot chocolate for me - with neighbours and friends on the deck overlooking the river.

It's not my usual way of spending money which I usually do by ordering more books, and which I promptly did when I came back to "Riverbend".


Yes, two of them are available online - "Wanderlust - A History of Walking"
and "A Field Guide to Getting Lost" - but I need to hold the book in my hand


Speaking of money, there' still gold in them that hills which I noticed when looking up Nelligen's real estate webpage: both 54 Allards Lane and 1398 Kings Highway are now "under offer". Will "Riverbend" be next?

Googlemap Riverbend


P.S. 54 Allards Lane sold for $1,912,000 on 09 November 2022.