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Sunday, December 11, 2022

Another day in Paradise!


Another day in Paradise! (I thought I'd better repeat the heading in case you'd skipped it!) We're invited for lunch up the road but I feel a bit like Mole on this "Wind in the Willows" morning and don't want to leave the river. If you read this, Lorraine and Heimo, maybe next time, okay?

There are new neighbours on a houseboat anchored just off "Riverbend", and another two farther downriver. They know a good spot when they see it. As does the ever-hungry currawong and a riot of kookaburras who're enjoying our Christmas turkey long before we get a chance.

It's a perfect day for a day on the verandah, with a pile of as-yet-unread books within easy reach, some early Christmas stollen and - given the time of day - an early glass of red. I don't know what all the rich people are doing, but I feel pretty contended. What time is lunch, Padma? 😀

Googlemap Riverbend