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Today's quote:

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

What better way to spend your special day of festive cheer in the company of the grumpy old men?


Take a bunch of ornery older blokes with a truckload of life experience, get them together and tell them they can say just whatever the heck they want on a given topic.

It's packed with all the stuff that's guaranteed to make everyone grumpy. Pantos, nativity plays, tiny versions of jungle bells ringing in your ears everywhere you go for months before Christmas.

Then there's all that false bonhomie and merriment. All that "goodwill to all men". All that shopping and eating too much and having to pretend to be grateful for more novelty socks from your mother-in-law.

The result is one of the funniest, most honest things you are likely to see on a DVD. There is nothing PC about the way that they say things and all comments are straight from the hip. These aren’t grumpy old men; they’re simply making a series of accurate observations.

And a grumpy old Christmas to you too!

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P.S. Lest I be accused of bias, here's the same with grumpy women:

And here's the BBC's Guide to Christmas (seemingly disabled by a grumpy old man, so you have to click on the Watch on YouTube link):

Seen enough? I thought so!