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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Oh reindeer!

Our last day at the Aquatic Centre


Friday before Christmas was our last visit to the pool this year. What with Christmas and school holidays and all the tourists in town, it'll be standing room only from here on until sometime in January when we will put our toes back into the water.

Except for a nice Christmas lunch in town with a good friend, we stayed away from the overcrowded Bay and just watched the passing parade of boats from the jetty. I was able to catch up with some of my reading, listened to the audiobook of Bill Bryson's "A Short History of Nearly Everything" - click here - and in the evenings we binge-watched "Borgen", a political thriller set in Denmark - and in the Danish language with, thankfully, English subtitles - which shows that Machiavellian power politics are not confined to only the United States and Australia.



Twenty hours of political infighting which I had picked up at our local op-shop at the bargain price of four dollars as the volunteer in charge of DVDs thought that few would be interested in anything Danish unless it had an apricot on top or they could understand the language. Little did he know that my very first girlfriend was Danish and from Kolding in Denmark and that I can say "Jeg elsker dig" as well as the next Dane.

I spent last night not so much by candlelight but by the flickering light of a kerosene lantern in "Melbourne" and slept deep and long until the birds woke me this morning. I sometimes need those quiet times alone.

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