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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Maybe it's old age ...


I've been watching the World Cup for days now but I still can't see what all the excitement is about. Maybe it's old age but I'm not all that interested in it. Just getting out of bed in the morning, and then remaining upright, is more than enough excitement for me.

Anyway, I'm busy replying to all those Christmas cards. One is from my local member who practised as a gynaecologist before he entered the even darker place of politics. Why would a gynaecologist enter politics? A proctologist, yes, but a gynaecologist? I wrote across the card, "Don't use my taxpayer's money to bother me with your trying-to-buy-a-vote Christmas wishes. And since there are only parasites in politics, you may want to stop using your professional 'Dr' in front of your name", and returned it in a unstamped envelope. My taxpayer's money at work!

Having got this off my chest, I feel better already! Maybe it's old age ...

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