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Saturday, December 31, 2022

Same procedure as every year!

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Dinner for One is watched all over the world on December 31st. The 18-minute British comedy sketch, recorded in 1963, holds the Guinness World Record for the most frequently aired television programme.

It is a particularly crucial part of Germany’s festive programming, where it has been broadcast since 1972. Around half the population still tunes in on New Year’s Eve to watch it; some Germans recreate the meal served in the skit, and serve Mulligatawny soup accompanied by dry Sherry, North Sea haddock with white wine, chicken with Champagne, and fruit for dessert served with a fine port wine.

In 2018 the German Post Office unveiled a set of commemorative stamps featuring its characters. One of its lines — "the same procedure as every year" — has become something of a catchphrase in the country.



Filmed in grainy black-and-white, the routine involves Miss Sophie (May Warden), who is celebrating her 90th birthday with James, her butler (Freddie Frinton). She has outlived her four closest friends and so insists that James impersonate them all in turn. They are an eclectic bunch. First is Sir Toby, a raspy-voiced northerner. Next up is Admiral von Schneider, who raises his toasts with a loud “Skol!” Then comes the turn of Mr Pommeroy, who speaks in an alarmingly high-pitched falsetto. The last guest is Mr Winterbottom, Miss Sophie’s "very dear friend", who is a booze-swilling lecher.

"Dinner for One" is the greatest cult film you’ve never heard of, but now, thanks to me, you have! Allow us to wish you Feliz Año Nuevo, Bonne Année, Boldog Új Évet Kivánok, Gott nytt år, С Новым годом, Felice anno nuovo, Prosit Neujahr, and Happy New Year. And don't forget: it's the same procedure as every year! (nudge nudge wink wink)

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