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Saturday, December 17, 2022

Don't sign anything!


This book reveals how thousands of consumers are being ripped off in real estate. It shows how the greatest asset of most families is under financial assault from business people who are either dishonest or incompetent. It is a national disgrace." So begin's "Don't Sign Anything!"

Here's a clue why there are so many shonks in the real estate business: "Real estate, unlike most businesses, does not depend on repeat clients. Ordinarily, if business people do the wrong thing, they lose their clients or they are driven out of business - 'run out of town', as the saying goes. But in real estate, the clients of the agents, the homesellers, are the ones who leave town. There is little incentive to keep them happy." And for the few who do complain, their first contacts are the real estate institutes. But real estate institutes represent real estate agents, not consumers. Been there, done that, with no results!

And the book continues, "Please don't think you are too clever to be caught. Many of the victims in real estate are among the most wealthy and affluent people in our society. The traps in real estate are so 'clever' and so deceitful it would take a book to explain them. This is that book." I have just read its 400 pages and I agree: This is that book!


I wish I had read this book fifty years ago !!!


It reads like a page-turning thriller, and yet it's also a book that may be the best real estate investment you ever make. When you are selling your home, real estate agents will ask you to sign an agreement. This agreement is a legal contract which can be an absolute nightmare for you. The agents may call this a “standard” agreement. But it’s to their standard, not to yours. "Don't Sign Anything!" should, in fact, must be required reading for every real estate consumer before taking one step in the buying or selling procedure.

I found my copy in an op-shop but there are a few for sale on ebay. Buy one before I buy them all to give to friend with the simple instruction : "Read this before you sell your home!" And while you wait patiently for your book to arrive in the mail, you may want to watch these clips:


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And here's the latest interview with a slightly older Neil Jenman because I know you want to listen to him (and I say, you MUST!):



There are probably more on YouTube but I let you to find them yourself!

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