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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Travels with Epicurus

Read it online at www.archive.org


I've had it on my WANTED list for years, and there it was at the Uniting Church Outreach Centre's op-shop for a mere gold coin (well, a golden $2 coin): "Travel with Epicurus", Daniel Klein's whimsical, amusing and intelligent travel memoir, droll meditation and optimistic guide to living well and ageing happily (he also wrote "Every Time I find the Meaning of Life, they change it - Wisdom of the great Philosophers on how to live" which is still on my WANTED list)

For a few more gold coins I also got Stephen Fry's memoirs "More Fool Me"; another book on the 'Batavia' horrors, this time "The Company - The Story of a Murderer" by Arabella Edge; and "Baghdad without a Map and other misadventures in Arabia" by Tony Horwitz.

For light entertainment, I also picked up the DVDs "Back to my Roots - Dame Edna Everage live in Melbourne" and Pam Ayres' "Word Perfect - Live from the Theatre Royal Windsor"; and for a bit of extra suspension, the political thriller "State of Play" (all five hours of it!) The Uniting Church's op-shop now sells them five for a dollar! To think that there was a time when we paid thirty dollars for a DVD! And here's "Silent Night" to give you the Christmas spirit, a true story from World War II (courtesy of Lorraine and Heimo up the road who told me about it).

We had our last appointment for the year with our friendly dentist. Five hundred and sixty dollars later, we have our teeth fixed up but probably no longer need them as we haven't got any money left to buy food (and the days when I pulled off bottletops with my teeth are long gone) 😀

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