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Friday, December 2, 2022

I like Bill Bryson and I like walking


Name me a book by Bill Bryson and I've read it; show me a bushwalk around Nelligen and Batemans Bay and I've walked it; put "A Walk in the Woods" on the DVD player and you have my undivided attention for over two hours.


Read the book online at www.archive.org


What else did I bring back from today's foray into town? Well, there's Paul Theroux's "My Other Life"; "American Stories - Tales of Hope and Anger" by Michael Brissenden; Jane Hutcheon's "From Rice to Riches - A Personal Journal through a changing China"; and a sumptiously illustrated edition of "A Touch of Genius - The Life of T.E. Lawrence".

After our usual early-morning swim and my usual visit to Vinnies, we've had our usual Friday lunch at our usual Thai Restaurant which I washed down with my usual half-bottle of Chardonnay for some "Bettschwere".

We are home again and I'm ready for my usual afternoon nap. As I take one last look out the bedroom window (it's not yet warm enough for the sofa on the verandah), I notice that the elegant and obviously expensive motor cruiser that moored across the river from us two nights ago is still there. That's how I like my neighbours: across the river and far away!

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