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Monday, January 29, 2018

He'd already passed on with barely a ripple

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There's this chap in one of those ingenious Hobie Pedal Kayaks who's been passing "Riverbend" every morning for the last few days, and I've been meaning to take a photo of him as he looks so relaxed and happy serenely floating down the river.

I saw him again this morning but by the time I'd grapped my camera and gone out on the verandah, he'd already passed on with barely a ripple.

Padma went to the Bay with some friends to see 'The Post', a political movie about the Pentagon Papers. Pentagon, hexagon, septagon, octa-gon, nonagon - methinks they've gone to get an eyeful of Tom Hanks.

The longer they peep at Tom, the better for me, so that I can enjoy the peace and quiet of "Riverbend" and just watch the ripples on the water. The sheer bliss of it! Thanks, Hanks!