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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Laughing all the way to the ranch


Do you remember that writer with the unpronounceable name, the one who wrote "Accordion Crimes" and "Shipping News"? I quite enjoyed Annie Proulx's "Shipping News", both the book and the movie, but never knew that she'd also written "Brokeback Mountain".

In fact, I never knew that the movie of the same name was based on a book, if you can call it a book because it's nothing more than fifty-eight B6-sized pages. Perhaps it's a case of 'the less written about it, the better' since it is about the exploits of two gay cowboys - and I don't mean gay as in 'laughing all the way to the ranch'.

I picked it up in an op-shop yesterday and still wonder if I should read it. Maybe it'll change my deep-seated attitude to what seems to be all the rage in this confused world. Or maybe not, as I like my prejudices. All of them.