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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Who is Piers Akerman?

This cartoon is by Larry Pickering, the last politically incorrect Australian who dares to call a spade a spade and not a digging implement. On February 10, 2017, at a speech for the far-right Q Society, he (in)famously denounced Muslims and homosexuals, saying "I can't stand Muslims. If they are in the same street as me, I start shaking. They are not all bad [because] they do chuck pillow-biters off buildings". THE PICKERING POST is a classic!


He's an Australian journalist, conservative commentator and columnist for The Daily Telegraph which just now printed his piece about Australia Day, "This week the great majority of Australians, including those who identify as Aboriginal, will celebrate the end of the Stone Age on this continent."

How absolutely true and how utterly politically incorrect! Take a bow, Piers Akerman! And he continues, "A handful of backward ­progressives, chiefly the Greens and those employed by the ABC and Fairfax, will mount a campaign against this celebration. In their narrative, the dawning of modern civilisation in Australia brought about an unmiti-gated tragedy for which we all must admit ­responsibility and keep paying atonement. This is sheer ­lunacy ..."

Of course, Akerman has never shied away from controversies. His columns raised the ire of Mark Latham who led the Australian Labor Party to defeat at the 2004 federal election (which must be a good thing!); he's a climate change sceptic; and he wrote that there were more pressing issues worrying Australians than voting on the issue of marriage equality. Take another bow, Piers Akerman!

He closes his Australia Day piece by saying, "Those seeking to change the date of Australia Day aren’t bent on making things better for those less well off. They are displaying their hatred of Australia. They are still living in the Stone Age."

Do we blame the Mongolians of today for Genghis Khan? Do we blame the Italians of today for the invasion of the Romans? Do we blame the Germans of today for the Nazis? Do we blame the Japanese of today for the atrocities of WWII? So why blame today's Australians for what hap-pened two hundred years ago? Never forget it, learn from it, move on!



As for me, come tomorrow, I want to join millions of my ­fellow Austral-ians to declare my faith in what, to me, is surely still the best country in the world, despite the do-gooders' best efforts. Happy Australia Day!