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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Written in stone


Well, in red scoria really. I carry a handful in my pocket and each time I pass the bench, I plonk a piece down. Each piece represents one full circumambulation of my imaginary tennis court.

At a width of 23.77m and a length of 10.97m plus a couple of metres thrown in along its imaginary edges, that makes each walk around the court 100 metres. According to which I've just walked 2.5 kilometres!

No, I haven't become a fitness freak who's suddenly going to have a coronary and drop dead in his tracks. I just read that sitting is the new smoking, and since I sit a lot because I read a lot, I thought I give my creaky old knees a bit of a 'walk-out' before I start on my next book (which isn't 'How to get fit by walking round an imaginary tennis court').

I'll report back to you as soon as I use a new bench(-mark).