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Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Rise and Fall of Milkshake Duck

Cartoon by Ben Ward


Our very own Gumleaf Dictionary (aka Macquarie Dictionary) has a new entry: 'milkshake duck'. Originally defined as "a person who is initially viewed positively by the media but is then discovered to have something questionable about them", it didn't take the lactose-loving mallard long to lose its capital letters and become both a noun and a verb.

"Will Jacinda Ardern get milkshake ducked?" one person asked in a Twitter poll. "Keanu Reeves better not milkshake duck," another wrote menacingly. "When Jeff Goldblum milkshake ducks, the crater will be visible from the moon," wrote one punter, after the actor received a glowing magazine profile.

I still don't know who Jacinda Ardern, Keanu Reeves, and Jeff Goldblum are, but I now know the meaning of 'milkshake duck' - and so do you!