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Monday, January 29, 2018

"Why don't you visit the (c)old country before it's too late?"

How Germany copes with its new citizens


How many times have people asked me this question! And how many times have I briefly hesitated before telling them, "Well, perhaps one day I will."

I've just now visited the facebook page of my old hometown and found a photo of the communal swimming pool with a large sign proclaiming, "Mondays is women-only day except during Ramadan".

This is a very provincial town where the mostly non-swimming Muslims are still very much a tiny minority, and yet they've already comman-deered a whole day for themselves in the precious indoor pool!

When I said as much on the facebook page, I was shouted down by Germans themselves who considered such comments "unakzeptierbar". Unacceptable? They used much stronger words eighty years ago but the results were the same: no discussions, no opposition, no free speech!

Mohamed Atta told the doomed airline passengers on 9/11, "Stay quiet and you’ll be okay". Well, I'm not staying quiet because I know it won't be okay. Nor am I visiting the (c)old country again. It's already too late!