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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Where the hell is Karragarra Island?


That's what we asked ourselves when many years ago a yachting couple, whom we had befriended while they lay at anchor off "Riverbend", sent us a postcard from Karragarra Island with the words, "We're settled here now!"

What is it about islands that has captivated millions of people around the world and through the centuries? Is it because the smallness of an island invites the illusion that here the complexities of continental societies can be avoided?

I think it's all of that, but also because they inspire feelings of great passion and serenity, because they give people the opportunity to find themselves, because they are revered as paradise, and because they provide a real, friendly community, as we found out when we visited Max and Judy in their island paradise a few months later.

We found it very much to our liking, so much so that we inspected several island properties that were for sale at the time. If the truth be known, had there been a ready buyer for "Riverbend" at the time, I'd probably be blogging this from Karragarra Island right now, but there wasn't and I'm not.

And neither are Max and Judy who left Karragarra Island again a long time ago. Reality always intervenes.

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