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Monday, January 22, 2018

I cried all morning


If you're hungry, make THIS your new screen saver!


What Mark Anthony in Shakespeare's Cleopatra referred to as "the tears that live in the onion" were in full flow this morning as I chopped several of them to put into the cucumber salad.

Add oil and vinegar, a squeezed lemon, pepper and salt, and a finely sliced carrot for a touch of colour (I was fresh out of red capsicum), and today's harvest from the vegie garden was turned into a deliciously refreshing cucumber salad to go with a couple of chicken drumsticks, not to mention the glass of red.

I've never been a foodie and always regarded eating as the equivalent human function to putting petrol in a car, but it's amazing what retire-ment can do to you, as retiring on an empty stomach leaves a lot of time with nothing else to do.

To think what I could've been with my latent and too-late-discovered culinary skills! With a bowl of freshly prepared cucumber salad in one hand and a copy of "Mein Kampf" in the other, I would've been the perfect "mein host".