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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Life's not all pins and needles


I've just come back from my cup-of-tea-in-hand wander down the property to walk off the pins and needles in my feet and legs. You know, that uncomfortable tingling or prickling you feel in your arms, legs, hands or feet after you've been leaning awkwardly on an arm or leg? Except I haven't been leaning awkwardly - not even to the right - and the pins and needles have been quite persistent, especially at bedtime.

I consulted Dr Google who suggests several causes, such as pregnancy (which I've ruled out), certain medication use (the strongest medication I use is Tiger Balm), but also kidney failure and diabetic neuropathy as a result of nerve damage caused by high blood sugar. Hmmm.

Perhaps it's time I consulted a real doctor, and so I phoned that new-in-town Sri Lankan doctor with a name as long as the alphabet (and with as many different letters in it), only to be told that he's now practising in Sydney. What a shame! I only consulted him once but was struck by his efficiency and knowledge. No doubt he became disenchanted with all those bulk-billing hypochondriacs that have turned Medicare into a monster, and went to Sydney to get more professionally challenged.

Anyway, life's not all pins and needles. With the Australia Day long weekend coming up, I'm preoccupied with whether I've been nominated for the Old Australian of the Year Award. I find myself another doctor, albeit with a shorter name, sometime next week.