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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

1066 and All That


People began laughing at "1066 and All That" in the memorable month of March, 1931. This was a good thing. It took people's minds off the depression. They went right on laughing and reading, and reading and laughing, ever since.

Today being the 954th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings when William the Conqueror, true to his name, conquered England, it seemed like a good idea to dust off my very own copy of this beautifully produced FOLIO edition of "1066 and All That". If you haven't got your own copy because you (and I mean YOU, Des!) spent all your money on girly magazines, you can make up for lost time at archive.org.

If you're more audibly and visually inclined, you may instead wish to watch this videop clip to find out how the Frenchies "messed up" what had previously been a very Germanic language.

(Of course, we tried to fix this big language mess with Operation Sea Lion, but, perhaps not unsurprisingly, they wouldn't let us do it! ☺)

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