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Monday, October 19, 2020

Stairway to Paradise


I'm no Georges Guétary but that didn't stop me from building my very own Stairway to Paradise. I even painting it! Now we just need to wait for the roofing iron and the job is done.



While we waited, we did some odd jobs around the place, and there is no odder than the firewood shed we knocked up in a couple of hours. Remember the Ettamogah Pub? Well, this is the Ettamogah woodshed!


Front (sans the firewood)

Back (the fires left an interesting pattern)


The corrugated iron is what the New Year's Eve fires left over from the "Pizza Hut". A little bit of 'nibbling' at the edges to make it a little less 'Ettamogah-ish', and the woodshed is ready for next winter's firewood.

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