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Saturday, October 10, 2020

'O ye, of little faith'

Today's addition to my Auggie-project


Early morning at "Riverbend". I'm going through my 'tea ceremony' - lemon and ginger with a spoonful of honey for me; green tea with soy milk (yuk!) for the missus who's still in bed and dreaming of what might've been had she made a better choice - while the porridge is slowly on the boil.

I like these early mornings when I can reflect on the life I might have lived had I made different choices in that time when time and choices were still plentiful. What would life be like if I could have it all over again, but with the insights and knowledge - I almost used the word 'wisdom' but stopped myself from being so presumptuous - I have today?

The forecast is for a warm and sunny weekend, some 25 degrees and even more boats on the river which right now looks like something out of "Wind in the Willows". It's just about time to take a shot because I'm still into my Auggie-project. You probably thought it was just a passing fad, didn't you? O ye, of little faith! To view the collection, click here.

Googlemap Riverbend