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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Our tank runneth over

Bathroom at Riverbend


What with all that lovely rainwater (over-)flowing into our watertank, I thought I take the pressure of it and me by drawing my annual bath two months early.

Our dependency on rainwater will cease in a year or two, when we have both sewerage and town water foisted onto us. No one wants it - well, no one except those who seem to speculate that real estate prices will dramatically increase. Already we've met two couples during our early morning walks who seem to have bought holiday homes in the village in anticipation of full town services and a subsequent "boom" in prices.

Anyway, boom or no boom, not being good at drawing a bath, I took the above photo. I took it before I had surrounded myself with a glass of Lambrusco and a plate of thinly-sliced double brie because I hate it when Mark censores me with "Your post goes against our Community Standards". With a name like Zuckerberg, what has he to teach me?

Googlemap Riverbend