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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Punctuality, a bit of dentistry, and a whole lot of pedantry


I've never been late in my life, and nor was I going to be late for today's appointment with Grant Brodie, my favourite dentist in Ulladulla. My punctuality gave me plenty of time to check the punctuation in the Covid-19 instructions in his waiting room.

Mentally, I immediately inserted an Oxford comma after "those making enquiries", then I hyphenated "flu like", took the unnecessary comma after "including" to precede it, and placed another comma before "do not enter". For good measure, I chucked in the missing "i" in "santise".

My favourite dentist was so grateful for my pedantry, he did all my dental work for nothing. Well, almost for nothing because between Padma and myself he charged a mere $360 which is about half of what a certain Chinese dentist in Batemans Bay would have billed us.

Still, he was ever so grateful that he ordered me back in three months' time, or, as he put it, "to make sure you'll hang on to what you've got left", but I know he just wants me back to check up on his punctuation.

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