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Saturday, October 17, 2020

A small progress report


There was another phone call which displayed on my hi-tech display as "OVERSEAS" but I don't know anyone by that name, neither Mr nor Mrs, unless it's that Coke-Man with his pseudo-American accent who's living out his misspent life in Fairfield, Connecticut, because he's the MOST UNWANTED man in his homecountry Australia.

Then there was another call from that retired German "Klempner" who's probably wondering why I haven't published the photos of him and his for-him-far-too-charming wife Robyn from their last visit to "Riverbend". Here they are, Franz, and we hope for many more visits and photos.

As for answering all those incoming calls, how can I when I'm so busy with all my projects? I've ordered the corrugated iron for the little "Clubhouse" which means the roof may go up next week which may call for a "Richtfest". Ready for some hot "Glühwein" on a hot day, Franz?

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